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Welcome to Boardman Mitsubishi, where you can find quality car parts, friendly sales team, service center, and professional staff that have served the Boardman and the Youngstown area for over 20 years. Since we're one of the most reliable car servicing businesses in the Boardman area, we dedicate our sales staff to bringing you a pleasant shopping experience. Before you begin shopping with us, let us explain why Boardman can handle everything you need. Through our quality service team, online features, competitive prices, and more, we can show you our robust selection of new vehicles available today. Scheduling a service appointment online using our secure portal is convenient and can help you buy, sell or fix any car, SUV or truck. 

New Cars For Sale

Interested in purchasing a new car from Boardman Mitsubishi? You've come to the right place. We're committed to offering a variety of models that you can choose from both on our website and within our physical store. Whether you're searching for a compact car for your commute or a sporty Mitsubishi, we have a diverse set of makes and models.

If you're in the market for a highly advanced car that can bring both a sporty and technical advantage, consider the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. With high-tech options such as Apple CarPlay and Mitsubishi Connect, you can stay connected for media and navigation on all your commutes. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross includes a 1.5-liter 152-horsepower engine, allowing it to pair well with the eight-speed transmission with overdrive. Both on the highway and in the city, the Eclipse Cross gets about 29 mpg.

We have more options if the Eclipse doesn't sound like all that you're looking for. If you're after a more fuel economical vehicle, consider the Mitsubishi Mirage. With reliable and affordable mileage and versatile cargo space, you can use this Mitsubishi on both your commute and vacation. The Mirage also has a tight turning radius, allowing expert navigation and parking. 

The interior options of the Mirage sport a black leather finish with sophisticated red stitching on the seats. Black 15-inch alloy wheels give the car a sporty and compact look. With a combined 39 mpg, you can take the Mirage on longer trips or extended commutes without needing to refill the tank. This makes the Mitsubishi a fuel economic ride as well as a comfortable one. So whether it's just you cruising by yourself or taking a few tagalongs with you, the Mirage can fit any phase of your life.

Why Buy a New Car From Boardman Mitsubishi?

So, why should you purchase with Boardman Mitsubishi? With Boardman, there are plenty of reasons.

Pleasant Buying Experience

While we can provide you with the parts and cars you need, our goal is more than just availability and proof of product. We pride ourselves on offering those in Boardman an enjoyable experience every time they enter our stores. We gladly serve customers in Warren, Youngstown, and New Castle, and we focus on bringing the most flexible and convenient buying and selling experiences that you can have. Whether you want to get a brand new model or service your current one, we take pride in demonstrating every step of the process to deliver clear and concise delivery. With dealership hours Monday through Saturday, you can come in at your convenience to work with experts toward buying your next car and developing a finance plan. Even if you have little prior experience with cars, our experts are happy to show you everything you need to know to make an informed and beneficial purchase. 

Exclusive Price Advantages

When you shop with Boardman Mitsubishi, you purchase your new vehicle right from the manufacturer. Moving away from the go-betweens allows you to gain a better price that you can't get anywhere else. Buying new cars from a factory dealership will enable you to have a significantly smaller payment on your vehicle, freeing up your monthly cash flow and financial obligations. You can put your money where it matters more with the savings that you might gain from financing your vehicle with Boardman Mitsubishi.

Abundance of Options

Buying a car through Boardman Mitsubishi means you have more options than at other sellers. Buying used cars may not give you as many customization and feature options as a factory dealership. When you buy with us, we offer all the color differences and trims for our available Mitsubishi models on-site or close to our location so that you can secure your favorite model as soon as possible. Depending on your budget, you may even receive a discount by shopping with us exclusively. 

Expert Staff Help

When working with Boardman Mitsubishi, we're committed to helping you find a car that suits all of your needs. If you're in the market for something new, we'll help match a car to you that fills both your needs and expectations. We have a selective process that helps ensure that we match you to the car that works best for your budget. This is so that you only need to test drive or even look at the vehicles you're interested in, saving you time in our offices and giving you more time to decide.

We Help You Finance

Want to work with us toward buying your new car? Consider Boardman Mitsubishi's flexible financing options. With a 90% approval rate, you can get going with any new car on the floor as quickly as you come in. Without a hard credit check, you won't need to worry about your history when planning your next car. We have an excellent financing staff that's here to make your new car-buying experience an exceptional one, with fast responses and several ways that you can contact us. All you need to do to get started on your financing journey is give us your basic information either through our website portal or through a walk-in at our office. Are you convinced that your next car will come from Boardman Mitsubishi? We have several great vehicles for you to peruse today. With our expert staff to lead you through it all, consider getting in contact with us today.