Used Cars Under $20,000 in Youngstown, OH

Are  you looking to purchase quality used cars in Youngstown, Ohio? If so,  Boardman Mitsubishi is here for you. We have a large inventory of  different makes and models for you, and you can choose from used SUVs, pickup trucks, and used cars, all under $20K. We also offer  various finance specials and other low-interest financing plans to give  you room for discussion and go home with the vehicle you want.

At  Boardman Mitsubishi, we understand that no customer is the same. That's  why we take our time to truly understand what you're looking for and  help you accordingly. All our vehicles are thoroughly inspected to  ensure they meet Mitsubishi guidelines and your needs. Stop by our  dealership in Youngstown for the best car deals under $20K

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Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Whether  you're getting your first car or looking to upgrade to a bigger one, a  used vehicle can be a better option than a new one for many reasons.  Here are some of the reasons to purchase a used car:


The  most significant benefit of getting a used vehicle is the low buying  price. When you visit a dealership, you'll likely find the vehicle  you're looking for that meets your budget. Apart from the low buying  price, you also get lower running costs and maintenance. Used vehicle  parts are also readily available at affordable prices.

Better Liability

Used  cars have been on the road for some time. The owner will have  checked for problems and fixed them before you bought it, which means you're  sure about the quality of the vehicle based on reviews from other  drivers who purchased the vehicle when it was new.

Lower Depreciation Rate

Unlike  new vehicles, which depreciate fast during the first year, used  cars have a more stable depreciation rate, making them more  reliable. After the first year, the depreciation rate is lower and  can be a good estimate of how long the vehicle will likely serve you.


It's  almost impossible to find parts and extra components during the first  year of buying a new car. If you do, they'll likely be quite expensive.  If you like customizing your car, you'll want to go for used cars.  They're easier to modify, as their accessories and parts are more readily  available and affordable.

Wide Selection

The  best thing about buying used vehicles is their availability. Used cars  are becoming quite popular. Almost all dealerships, including Boardman Mitsubishi, sell used vehicles and provide trade-in options for those looking to upgrade or change cars. That means you can find many used cars under $20K that fit your needs.

What To Look for When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Buying  a used vehicle means knowing how to choose one. Since you're selecting  from a wide variety, you must decide what you want and how  long you want to own the vehicle and create a budget. The longer you own  the car, the more value you get from it. However, its condition is the  primary determinant. Here's what you can do to ensure you're driving  home a reliable vehicle:

Inspect the Physical Condition of the Vehicle

You  can get a mechanic with good knowledge about the technical aspects of  the vehicle you want to buy to come with you during the inspection. They  should thoroughly review the interior, exterior, and other parts of the  car to ensure everything is in good condition. The engine should have  no dents, cracks, or spills.

Check the Vehicle History

If  you're buying your vehicle from a dealership, you may not meet the  previous owner. However, the dealership can help you with the  information you need to know, such as unresolved claims.  You can also find out if the vehicle has been in any accidents before.  Fortunately, if you're buying your car from Boardman Mitsubishi, you  don't have to worry about buying a damaged vehicle, as we inspect the  car before buying it from the owner.

Check Maintenance Records

An  easy way to know if the vehicle you're interested in is well maintained  is to check the maintenance records. You want to see the documents,  paperwork, and service appointment cards.

Why Should You Buy Your Vehicle from Boardman Mitsubishi?

At  Boardman Mitsubishi, we take a unique approach to selling used cars. We  train our sales staff to treat you as family, ensuring you receive the  respect, courtesy, and trust you deserve when you visit us. We ask you a  few questions to know the kind of vehicle you want under $20K and show  you the available options that meet the criteria.

We Sell High-Quality Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

As the regional sales leader, Boardman  Mitsubishi has one of the most extensive inventories  of reliable used cars in the Youngstown area. We recommend checking our online inventory regularly, as it keeps rotating due to a high sales volume. Once you know  the exact car make and model you want, you can rest assured we have it  on our lot. Whether you need a used pickup for work or a bigger SUV for  your growing family, we're here to help.

Plenty of Options Under $20K in Youngstown, Ohio

If you're looking to buy a used vehicle,  chances are you already have a budget, brand, and model in  mind. This makes the buying process quite smooth and straightforward, as we only have to show you the models you're interested in, and you only test-drive those you like. 

At Boardman Mitsubishi, we have plenty of quality used cars, SUVs, and trucks. Whether you need a truck for travel and work needs or a larger SUV under $20k for your family, we have a vast selection to choose from. All our vehicles are carefully selected to ensure you get only the best. Visit our showroom to check our used vehicles in Youngstown, Ohio, today.

Visit Boardman Mitsubishi To Get a Vehicle Under $20K

Buying  a used vehicle is one of the smartest choices you can make. You don't  need to splurge to get the features, space, performance, and driving  experience you want because there will always be a used vehicle to offer  you that and more. Most of our used cars are comparable to the more  expensive new models in terms of dependability and quality.

If  you're looking for a car, truck, or SUV under $20K, we have plenty of  options, including some that are less than 2 years old. Browse our inventory  for the vehicle you want, and contact us online or call us at (888) 891-9049 to schedule a test drive  today.