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If you won't settle for anything less than the finest certified pre-owned (CPO) Mitsubishi vehicles, consider getting a certified pre-owned model at Boardman Mitsubishi. Our dealership has one of the largest inventories of certified Mitsubishis in Youngstown, Ohio, allowing us to cater to the transportation needs and lifestyles of all kinds of drivers. Stop by Boardman Mitsubishi today and drive home your dream car. 

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Mitsubishi?

When it comes to used Mitsubishi vehicles, the certified pre-owned models are the best of the best. These vehicles are hand-picked based on their age, history, and mileage, and rigorously inspected to ensure that they comply with the highest quality standards. Below is a list of criteria that a used Mitsubishi must meet to earn the "certified" badge:

  • Must be less than five years old.
  • Must have fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer.
  • Must have a clean vehicle history report
  • Must pass an intensive 123-point inspection.

The 123-point inspection takes place at the service center of a franchised Mitsubishi dealership. During the inspection, a Mitsubishi-certified technician will test every aspect of the vehicle to see if it can meet the certification standards. The process includes a thorough look at the vehicle's exterior and interior, and a road test. In addition, the technician will check the engine, transmission, steering, and brakes to ensure the car can run smoothly and safely. Any needed repairs or routine maintenance will be performed before the vehicle is put up for sale. 

To provide even greater peace of mind, Mitsubishi offers buyers of its certified vehicles the same 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty that the initial owners received. In addition, the new buyers will get the remainder of the car's five-year or 60,000-mile basic warranty and seven-year or 100,000-mile anti-corrosion or perforation warranty. 

As the owner of a certified pre-owned Mitsubishi, you'll also get complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance. This service is offered without any mileage restrictions while the vehicle's five-year basic warranty is still valid. It includes flat tire changes, jump-starts, lock-out assistance, fuel deliveries, and towing to a nearby Mitsubishi dealership. After five years, you'll receive free towing assistance if the problem results from a covered powertrain issue. To give you easy access to roadside assistance, a certified pre-owned model also offers the smartphone-compatible Mitsubishi Road Assist+ app. 

Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Mitsubishi

It can be difficult to decide between buying a new or used vehicle. A brand-new vehicle is free of problems and comes with the latest technologies, but it costs significantly more. On the other hand, a used car can help you save money, but it's more likely to experience mechanical issues. Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle allows you to get the best of both worlds. Let's look at a few good reasons why you should opt for a certified Mitsubishi:

Significantly Lower Price

One factor that makes people think twice about buying a new vehicle is the rapid depreciation that occurs in the early years of ownership. When you buy a certified pre-owned Mitsubishi model, you're getting a reliable, like-new vehicle that has already gone through the steepest depreciation. Typically, a two-year-old certified vehicle is about 25% less expensive than a new one of the same model, while a four-year-old certified car can be up to 40% cheaper. 

Exceptionally Well-Conditioned Vehicle

The problem with buying a regular used vehicle is that you won't really know what it has been through over the years. The car may have some hidden issues that can cost you down the road. This won't be the case with a certified pre-owned vehicle as it has been thoroughly examined and repaired to ensure it's problem free. If you go the certified pre-owned path, you'll have a car that can serve you dependably for a long time.

Warranty Coverage

Car repairs can be expensive, especially if they involve replacing major mechanical components. However, you don't have to worry about unexpected repairs for at least some time if you opt for a certified pre-owned Mitsubishi. The vehicle comes with several warranties that collectively cover almost all of its components, which can help you avoid costly repairs and part replacements. This can substantially lower your overall car ownership cost. 

Roadside Assistance

A certified pre-owned Mitsubishi is less likely to break down than a regular used car, but an emergency can happen when you least expect it. Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, or empty fuel tank, getting stranded on the side of the road can be frustrating and even frightening. Fortunately, you can rely on Mitsubishi's 24/7 roadside assistance and Road Assist+ app to get you out of the situation. 

Choose From Our Large Inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Mitsubishi Vehicles

Over the years, Boardman Mitsubishi has become a leading source for certified pre-owned Mitsubishis in the Youngstown area because of our large inventory, top-quality vehicles, and competitive prices. Our dealership offers a wide range of certified Mitsubishi cars and SUVs to meet the needs and preferences of drivers from all walks of life. 

If you want to buy a small commuter car, the Mitsubishi Mirage is a great option. This subcompact car is easy to drive and park in confined spaces and delivers excellent fuel economy. For a more engaging driving experience, opt for the compact Mitsubishi Lancer, which offers a powerful engine and sporty handling. 

Looking for a family-friendly vehicle? Getting the five-seater Mitsubishi Outlander Sport or the seven-seater Outlander are good options. These SUVs provide spacious and comfortable seating and ample cargo space for storing an entire family's luggage. They also come with a long list of standard features to keep you connected, entertained, and safe on the road. 

If you aren't sure which certified Mitsubishi model is best for you, our knowledgeable and helpful sales professionals will be happy to help you make the right decision. We encourage you to take your time to choose your ideal ride, even if it means test-driving several models. 

Come to Boardman Mitsubishi for the best deals on certified pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles. If you have any inquiries about our certified models, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (888) 891-9049